Michaela Leonhardt

Adventurous all-rounder, organizational talent and office manager with the Idea Distillers

Telephone: +49 6252 60 30 377

Email: m.leonhardt@idea-distillers.de

„Planning processes, coordinating appointments, organizing bookkeeping: I have my colleagues’ back so that they can give their all to our clients and their spirits.”


Spontaneity, variety, pure life: When Michaela Leonhardt thinks about her greatest moments of enjoyment, these three are omnipresent. Be it at Cannes on the beach after work, her feet buried in the sand, baguette and a cheese platter on her lap and a glass of red wine in her hand. Or on a road trip along the US coast, completely free of plans, stopping wherever it is most beautiful. It is this versatility and closeness to nature that also keeps her home. A genuine child of Bergstraße she never gets enough of the region’s inspiring views and mountain landscapes, alternated with idyllic valleys.

After completing her training as a foreign language secretary, Michaela Leonhardt continued to educate herself – among other things in the areas of import, export and human resource management. Her career stops included a mechanical engineering company, where she worked in sales and marketing and eventually entered human resources development. As an assistant to the management of an engineering office, among other things she set up confectionery departments of renowned wholesalers. With the Idea Distillers, she is once again facing a new challenge with the spirits industry: She organizes the consultant team behind the scenes and connects the offices in Berlin and Heppenheim.

Education and expertise

  • Training as a state-certified foreign language secretary
  • Training as an IHK certified human resource specialist
  • Many years of experience in office management
  • Worked in sales and marketing, in a human resources department and as a management assistant