Britta Rosing
Britta Rosing

Graphic & web design, illustration

Loves Gin Fizz

Michaela Leonhardt Adventurous all-rounder, organizational talent and office manager with the Idea Distillers Telephone: +49 6252 60 30 377 Email: „Planning processes, coordinating appointments, organizing bookkeeping: I have my colleagues’ back so that they can give their all to our clients and their spirits.” FULL SPEED BEHIND THE SCENES Spontaneity, variety, pure life: When…

Julia Bier Communication-distiller, “rumantic” and PR consultant with the Idea Distillers Telephone: +49 30 9599985-14 Email: „For those who, like me, are at least as passionate about communications and good stories as they are about their favorite spirit, Idea Distillers is a one-shop stop.” EXPERIENCE FOR FINE SPIRITS The bearer of a rich surname,…

Simon Ruff Whisky enthustiast, concepter and PR consultant at Idea Distillers Telephone: +49 30 95 999 85-12 Email: „At Idea Distillers I combine my passion and my profession: my fascination with whisky culture merges with expertise in communication.“ A BLEND OF DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES Idea and image, topic and tonality, personality and story: Simon Ruff’s…

Profilfoto Clara Rodríguez Cuore
Clara Rodríguez Cuore

Graphic design

Loves dark beer

Profilfoto von Thomas Günzel
Thomas Günzel

Trade fair construction

A connoisseur of craft beer

Profilbild von Sarah Mrusek
Sarah Mrusek

Event management, creation & consulting

Has a weakness for whisky sours

Profilbild von Esther Schwarz
Esther Schwarz

Art direction, graphic & web design

Enjoys Horse’s Neck

Foto von Matthias Brückner mit einem Glas Whisky
Matthias Brückner


Loves Scotch whisky

Profilfoto von Hagen Albers
Hagen Albers

Online marketing, website tracking and web analysis

A Corn N’ Oil enthusiast